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Is Savage XR really Free?

Yes, Savage XR is 100% freeware and there's no signing up necessary. The game is non-profit. There are no paid features and there is no locked content. All development is voluntary and all websites, services and advertisments are sponsored by the community.

System Requirements

Minimum: 600 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Radeon or GeForce Graphic Card, 56k Modem

Recommended: 2.4 Ghz or better, 512 MB RAM, GeForce4 or Radeon 8500+ (OpenGL 1.4), for Shader Support: GeForce6 or Radeon 9500+ (OpenGL 2.0+), Cable Modem, DSL or better, 1 GB of Free Harddisk Space

Savage XR fails to update?

If auto-update errors occur, make sure Savage XR has sufficient rights: run the autoupdater as adminstrator if you're on window vista/7/8 (right click -> run as administrator). Auto-update errors also happen when your internet connection is too weak. Open the au.cfg and change: downloadThreads "15" to downloadThreads "1", maxRetries "3" to maxRetries "6"

Technical Support and Feedback

For any other technical issues around Savage XR, check out the Newerth Support Forum. For general Feedback, click here.